Only Mean When Hurting

Only Mean When Hurting

The meanest, I’m the meanest when I’m hurting. I mirror my pain and see the worst in others just ’cause I see it in myself.

I’m the meanest when I’m unhappy. When I feel I cannot have what I want. We throw tantrums alike children, that we ultimately, eternally are. Playing adults. Pretending lunatics. 

When happy, I see differently. I adore others, I feel love and goodness in places and people I have not before! My world is transformed from a dark cell into an open sky of light and sunshine.

It’s easy to talk to people when I feel great within but, oh so hard when I’m mad at myself. Split energy. I can’t even bear to look at you when I’m loathing myself. But when thrilled, I want to share the joy and smile at the whole world. I want to open myself up ’cause I feel all is well and the world is a safe place, I know people are good and loving. Oh, how different it feels when I’m torn in my own mind, closed off, it pains me to look at the world in such state.

This is how we realise that everything around us is in actuality a reflection of our inner world. We always see the world through our moody lenses. And those change, oh so often.

The difference in my mood changes everything. The way I interact with others, the way I see the world and every situation I encounter or have lived before. Everything takes on a different feel when I feel differently.

Now you see, it is rather important to try to feel as good as possible as it has such a huge impact on your life. One would argue it’s the situation that affects the feeling but you have it backwards, my friend. You feel and then it shows, you attract based on your feelings. I’m sure you know.

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