Law of Attraction Experiment with E-Squared II.

The eye

In the first law of attraction experiment, we’ve established that there is some sort of energy responding to us. Now it’s time to see if we can be more specific in our asking. Join me in my series of posts covering my experiences of experiments from Pam Grout’s book E-squared.

Law of Attraction Experiment #2: The Volkswagen Jetta Principle

This experiment is about seeing what you expect to see. You are to set an intention and look for certain coloured vehicles the next 24 hours. The second 24 hours you look for butterflies (or feathers).

Action and Reaction

Law of attraction experiment II. – Vintage car at the house

First, I’ve set to look for green vehicles around me. I chose green as I was not aware of seeing any green cars around this area before. That day I’ve counted 8. The most exciting was spotting the first one. Yay! People do have green cars around here, it’s just I’ve never looked for them, so I never noticed!

This is an important notion – whatever you’re looking for is already out there, you just need to shift your attention to it.

Our brains cannot physically handle all that’s surrounding us, so it needs to cut down a lot. As to how much is ‘a lot’, let me quote E-squared:

Scientists now know the brain receives 400 billion bits of information each second. (…) What we choose to take in is only one-half of one-millionth of a percent of what’s out there.”

That’s incredible, isn’t it? That means there’s a huge amount of information out there that we are completely oblivious to. You can literally focus on a different reality – one that you’d like to see rather than the one you’ve been seeing, for example, and this field of potentiality (FP) will reflect it back to you (that’s the theory, anyway).

That is how, in my opinion, we can each have different experiences being part of the same event. Not only we interpret differently, each brain takes in different pieces of information based on our personal preferences and habits. I mean, there are billions of people living on this planet right now, each with their individual perspective, different beliefs and unique neural pathways in their brains. That are billions of unique perspectives and each one is valid![distance1]


Law of attraction experiment II. – Butterfly on the flower

I did this one a few times, ‘coz for the first two times I was forgetting about it and didn’t look around. I was trapped in the loop of my habitual awareness, not remembering to do something different – in this case to look for butterflies.

But for the third time I had some success. I counted 4 butterflies and even though I was specifically trying to look for only yellow ones, I wasn’t sure all of them were yellow, as they flew by very quickly. Although, the first one had to literally fly into my lap :o) The next day I tried again, seeing 4 butterflies altogether, 2 of which were yellow (one was a ceramic piece on the wall of somebody’s house).

There is so much out there that we do not see, simply because we’re not aware of it.



I actually found that when I was actively looking and trying hard I couldn’t see the green cars nor the yellow butterflies. But when I let go (again this letting go, must be something to it), it surprised me. It’s probably because in my looking I also introduced some resistance and skepticism (yay).

Either way, I would suggest making a clear intention in the morning and go about your day. Every now and again remind yourself of the intention and let go.

If you’re starting with hope or curiosity, that’s enough. Be happy for every little success you have, even if you only see one or two of the desired objects. Acknowledge that you have noticed it because you adjusted your focus. You will become more sure of yourself the more positive experience you gather. I am still in the same process myself – to banish the doubts, as it were.

[NOTE]: Since the experiment I am noticing plenty of green cars around. One day it got a bit crazy and I saw like 5 in a row within a few seconds from each other. I guess once you start noticing something it’s harder to un-notice it.[distance1]

Practice Seeing What You Want to See

Law of attraction experiment II. – Living from within

As it is clear from my experience, we live our lives quite automatically and our thoughts are for the most part habitual. So once again, it is a matter of practice to remember to focus and actively look for what we’re wanting to see. You will get better at it the more you do it.

At first, it might be hard and feel like work, but with time you’ll develop the habit, you’ll grow the neurons in your brain and make that the new automatic behavior. And as Dr. Joe Dispenza says,

Whenever we make the brain work differently, we’re changing our mind.”

We will only see what we expect to see and believe is possible. That is the reason our lives don’t change much on a daily basis, and why we don’t see all that many miracles happening around. We don’t generally allow the magic to come through. We’ve been taught to be very pragmatic. But we can unteach ourselves. Or rather, learn something different.

Ever wonder why people who are consumed by their ‘loneliness’ or lack of partner seem to see happy couples everywhere around them, feeling like they’re the only single person in the world? I’ve even experienced something like this myself. I felt like what I was thinking about and how I was feeling was projected around me, on the billboards and signs, people talking about it, etc.

We are building our world from the inside out, not the other way around. When all you’re thinking about day in, day out is how lonely you are and that everyone seems to be in a lovely relationship but you, universe’s gonna provide you with some evidence of that. It doesn’t matter whether you are right or not, it is just a vibrational matchmaking. Like that, your thoughts and feelings are creating the next thing in your life.[distance1]

What to Take Away From This

Just because we don’t see something, doesn’t mean it’s not out there. Just because we don’t experience something, doesn’t mean it’s not possible! Hey, you can do wonders with this one 🙂

Try to refocus your mind during the day on things you would like to see. Actively look for things that are pleasing to you and you will find them and therefore be happier.[distance1]

Have you tried this experiment? What are you focusing on during your day? Write in the comments, I’d love to hear.

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