Law of Attraction Experiment with E-Squared I.

Lately, I’ve been thinking about putting to test the law of attraction (LoA). It is something I came to believe because it makes a lot of sense to me, but at the same time, something I have a hard time proving in an irrefutable manner.

So, when I stumbled upon the book E squared from Pam Grout, which is all about doing experiments to prove yourself once and for all whether this LoA is really a thing, I took it as a sign. It’s time for me to conduct my own law of attraction experiment!

Law of Attraction Experiment #1: The Dude Abides

The first law of attraction experiment is about proving to yourself that there is an invisible energy force or field of infinite possibilities. The energy is what many people call God, hence the name of the principle. This experiment, as most of the others, is done over 48 hours as to trick your mind into trying to focus only for a limited amount of time.

It goes something like this:

  • Within the next 48 hours you’re going to look for the evidence of this all-knowing, all-perfect energy field.
  • You’re also going to ask for an unexpected gift that you do not get to specify.[distance1]

Take 1

Law of attraction experiment I. take 1 – Excited, then disappointed


When I did this experiment for the first time I was crazy excited and… scared. I couldn’t help myself, I was scared that it’s not going to work and right from the beginning of my experimentation I was kicking myself in the foot.

As the time went by, I was feeling more and more anxious about my gift not coming, still trying to convince myself of the opposite. I had a very bad mood during the second day, having a total flashback of a ‘classic me’, whining about stuff never working for me, and the unfairness of it (this is a pattern, you see). I tried to turn it around by imagining how wonderful it’d be when it happens.[distance1]


But then I got disappointed, big time. I felt like two of me were clashing together when the experiment officially ended. The old me hurts n wants to complain how life is unfair and nothing ever works for it; the new wants to forget about it and move on, learn from the experience and focus on the good. The old is a victim. The new is a creator.

It was bringing all the hell from my previous years back. But I couldn’t believe again that ‘life’s a shit and then you die’. That’s what I was so scared of in the first place.

I was scared that if I didn’t see amazing magic within these 48 hours, it would mean there is no abundant universe force, and all is random, and we do not create our lives after all, and life is unfair and shitty. I couldn’t go there again. Live like that. It was killing me before and only discovering these new beliefs actually helped me in the first place to get out of that black hole.[distance1]


The thing is, what I was trying to prove may well have been proven, anyway. It all depends how you think of it.

Pam says: “The mind is so powerful it can create something ‘outside’ itself to be more powerful. That’s why it’s essential when doing the experiments to suspend judgment long enough to believe they’ll work.”

Easier said than done, right? I indeed collected data that only supported my true beliefs that were hiding under my superficial ones. This is how it was with me, Yeah, I kinda believe this LoA works, I just need to see a proof, real life miracle you know? I didn’t see that yet, so I don’t know. And then: It’s not gonna work for me, ‘coz nothing ever does. It’s bullshit. Why do I never get anything? Something like that 😀

The funny part is that we could be arguing here, whether I created that ‘failure’ because of my beliefs, in which case, I actually proved it is indeed working, hence we cannot effectively call it a failure anymore.

But actually – it doesn’t matter! It’s your opinion versus mine and the one that matters in my universe is ultimately mine. It’s about what I decide to believe is gonna be valid in my universe. I could believe it’s all bullshit and feel miserable and go back to my depressions and purposeless life again. Or I could believe in myself instead and feel empowered and hopeful for something amazing to occur. I obviously chose the latter.[distance1]

Take 2

Law of attraction experiment I. take 2 – Jumping of the rocks


I took what I learned trying this experiment for the first time and proceeded with it once again. Firstly, I stated more clearly what I wanted. I wrote a nice little paragraph for the universal energy and tried to feel for the end result.

I also thought, rather than trying to think about it, I’d let go and allow it in by focusing on fun stuff instead. I tried not to give in to any doubts or worries for the next 48 hours (it’s just for two days, right?). I also let go of that big fear that if it didn’t work during the time frame, it’d mean all is for naught. I instead thought, “I’ve sent my intention and it has happened. I just need to tune my vibrations to that same frequency, so that I can actually see it.”

I also let go of that big fear that if it didn’t work during the time frame, it’d mean all is for naught.


My deadline was 22.12. Within the time frame I noticed some bits, like getting a ‘Thank you’ email from my co-worker after sending my invoice, which has never happened before (or was I just oblivious to it?). Then, the gas for our heating arrived a day earlier it was supposed to, and I was given the rest of the previous bottle from downstairs to heat up my room, which was nice. Also, I didn’t have to pay for the gas for cooking this time either.

For Christmas holidays me and my boyfriend travelled to England to be with his family during which I received both a message that I took as a sign and the unexpected gift.

There was this line written right in front of me on the plane seat’s ad that went something like this: “There’s always something great around the corner,” upon which I thought that it’d be a perfect message from the universe, something I was looking for in fact. But at that moment I chose not to take it.

And the unexpected gift arrived from my boyfriend’s brother’s offering a free gaming mouse – something I have wanted for a while already. So again, something I kinda had in mind when thinking of the gift – practical, something I have wanted for a while and awesome.[distance1]


These things happened after my deadline, but as I said, it doesn’t matter. I obviously still get under pressure when the time is set. Funny thing is, I only realized I received what I asked for the universe after the holidays on 4th of January! And I was ecstatic! The universe is communicating with me, it is responding to my intentions and vibrations!

This also proves that it is about our observation – I didn’t even notice/ realize all this until few days later and could have easily missed it. And again, I could have chosen that it wasn’t a proof enough. Expect different reality and be on the lookout for it, ‘s all I’m saying.[distance1]

Something Else to Consider

Law of attraction experiment – Overlooking the clouds

Steve Pavlina wrote an article about Proving Intention-Manifestation Works, go ahead and read it now if you want, his points are rather insightful. What he is saying is that it is basically impossible to scientifically – objectively prove LoA works, ‘coz it comes from a subjective awareness. You cannot be objective and subjective at the same time at once.

He says: The only way to come close to scientifically proving intention-manifestation works is to be pre-disposed to believing it may work and thereby to manifest the very proof you seek. But that is not an act of measurement – it’s an act of creation.

And that is what we’re doing in these experiments, we are learning the creation. It is not about proving anything objectively, it’s about believing enough to make it happen and then thanks to that experience believing more. We cannot create it without the belief and we have a hard time having the belief without having created it in the first place. That’s why we need to look at things differently. With an open mind.

I believe it’s all about practice, as Pam says in her book: Using the FP (field of potentiality) to direct your life is not an intellectual exercise. It’s not a theory. It’s a practice. Like mastering scales. Or learning to play Ping-Pong.

So, I just need to practice more, that’s all. Those of us that come from a space of a lot of negative self-talk, and little confidence and belief in our own power may need to practice harder in order to get used to the new way of thinking. But this energy is here for everybody to use, without judgment.[distance1]

What to Take Away From This

I realized that we hold the power, because we can choose how we perceive things. We get to say whether it’s been a success or not, ‘coz LoA is very subjective. You may say it’s a self-fullfilling prophecy, but if you ever want to create something new in your life, i.e. you cannot draw from your past experience, you have to make it up. It’s our imagination and ideas that propel us further.

Doing this experiment may give you a nice taste and a stronger belief about LoA. Also, you may find out what beliefs you actually have and confront them first, like I did. But, it is a practice, and I still need to do a lot more of that. These were only two takes![distance1]

How do you stand with the belief of the law of attraction? Have you tried this experiment? If so, how did you do?

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