How Lying Can Improve Your Life

How Lying Can Improve Your Life - featured

The tendency of being completely honest is seen as a noble trait but can, in fact, work against you when you’re trying to create a better life for yourself. Why? Well, the law of attraction says so.

The law of attraction is like a giant sorting magnet which attracts things, thoughts, people of the same vibration into clumps together. Our vibration changes based on the thoughts we think and how we feel when we think them. So, you vibrate differently thinking a positive thought vs a negative one (this is very well demonstrable using Einstein’s wands experiment).

The Noble Art of Telling the Truth

We have come to believe that telling the truth is what we’re supposed to do. As children, we’ve been threatened with punishment were we to lie (which worked for some). Many people fear being called a fraud or a liar and there is definitely lots of negativity connected with it.

Lying became a moral issue but also an issue of authenticity. This is something we all should strive for, to be who we really are, to be real, to be truthful, right?

Does that mean telling it how it is even if it hinders our life experience? I beg to differ. If you want to be a deliberate creator of your experience, there comes a time where you need to look past what is currently happening in order to create something new.

How Lying Can Improve Your Life - looking past what is

Perpetuating the Old Story

How can telling the truth actually hurt me? If I’m miserable, I’m gonna tell you that I’m miserable and also why, when we’re at it. If you ask me how my day has gone, I will tell you factually, or emotionally, what has happened.

But, the more we talk about, think about, discuss and chit-chat about what’s happening now, what happened today, what’s in my bank account right now, who’s in my bed right now or whether or not do I even have one, the more we are perpetuating the current situation.

It’s really helpful if you begin right now to tell the story of your life the way you want it to be rather than the way it has been. Because telling it the way it has been only holds you in that holding pattern of attraction.

— Abraham Hicks

The law of attraction says you get what you think about, wanted or not, true or not. Whatever you give your attention to, you’re attracting it into your experience.

Because we are such good “perpetuators”, it seems to us that things are the same and nothing’s actually changing where in fact things are changing constantly, nothing stands still. As Abraham points out, it’s just changing to more of the same.

Are You Gonna Talk About It?

So if you wanna change the circumstances in your life, you have to start talking and thinking differently.

When telling the truth means talking about something you don’t want, when telling the truth means a cringing feeling in your stomach, don’t tell it. You don’t have to reply in truthfulness 100% of the time. You can omit the details that don’t please you or you can skip the topic altogether.

How Lying Can Improve Your Life – talking

Note that this isn’t about denying where you are. It’s good to acknowledge where you are, ‘coz where you are is a great starting point to where you’re going.

We all have conversational habits that have been engraved into our brains earlier in this life but if you set an intention to feel as good as possible, you will be guided away from the conversations that don’t serve you.

You may not be talking all that much at first (when you decide not to talk about things that are going wrong in your life or anybody else’s) but what’s more important – to be having conversations at all costs or to feel good and therefore attract better circumstances into your life?

What Is Is Old News

I decided not to talk about what is so much anymore, ‘coz what is is old news. If you think about it, physical manifestations always take some time to show up after our changed vibrations so what is now is just an indicator (as Abraham puts it) of our previous vibrational balance.

Because it’s just an indicator of my previous focus, I don’t have to keep focusing on it and perpetuating the same, right? Why don’t I focus instead on something wanted, something preferred that has perhaps come out of this experience?

You want to be a realist? What is real is not anything different than your thoughts turned to beliefs that turned to expectations that turned to your reality. Your reality. There are an infinite amount of possible realities out there. Where? In your mind.

How Lying Can Improve Your Life – dream reality

Talk About Where You’re Going

What you need to do in order for any unwanted situation to change is to change your vibration, i.e. your thoughts, therefore feelings, and trust that the law of attraction will match you to that same feeling situations (because it will).

So you gotta start looking more ahead rather than down where you are. Look where you’re going – just like when you’re driving or walking, you look straight ahead, not on the floor or the insides of your car, not behind you (not for long anyway). You look ahead, where you’re going.

And guess what – you have power over where you’re going because you have power over your thoughts, therefore vibration. And you already know the law of attraction responds to your vibration.

Are You an Honest Person?

If you’re like me, you’ll have a problem with lying. Yep, I’m one of those that have been affected by the reprimands of lying or being dishonest big time. Sometimes I cannot decide whether to be truthful or focus on what I want (therefore feel better). Feeling good should be your number one choice, though, if you wanna improve your life.

How Lying Can Improve Your Life – when honesty can hurt you

So you feel like you should say it how it is and it feels off saying how good things are when you are facing the evidence of the opposite, I get it. But how about not lying per se but turning your attention to, again, where you’re headed?

“Well, I’m here right now, but that’s ok, this is old news, I get to choose new thoughts now and attract other things into my reality. I am making my way over to this wonderful thing and this wonderful thing. And oh, wouldn’t it be great to have this and to experience this and I wonder how that would feel…”

And just ponder about the places where you’re going and where you’re wanting to be. It’s all about focus and practice. If you don’t believe the new story, just practice it more (“A belief is just a thought you keep thinking” — Abraham Hicks). You can either face reality or create a reality.

Hopefully, this article helped you in some way. If you like this approach to the law of attraction, I wholeheartedly recommend Abraham Hicks who, as you may have noticed, are the main source and inspiration of my LoA knowledge at the moment. Have a great day and be mindful of your words and thoughts 🙂

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